Invest in the life of a Christian leader on this or the other side of the globe. 

As Jesus Collective grows, we are seeing more and more people from diverse global and under resourced contexts seeking resources, community, and leadership development opportunities. 

These voices bring a diversity that is valuable, full of wisdom and insight beyond our own. However, there are often financial obstacles that stand in the way of being able to join the collective as a partner. 

This is where your valuable investment comes in.

Your donation could serve

  • the missionary overseas
  • the pastor of a small church
  • the relief worker, at home or away
  • the Christian leader seeking resources, community, and leadership development

Being a part of a movement coming from diverse Christian backgrounds yet, centering around the person and the message of Jesus Christ has been a new learning experience for me. Being a part of such a movement has required for me to be humble and approachable too. I believe, and hope that the movement of JC will be bright and ever-expanding to all nations.” 

Grant Recipient and Ambassador for Jesus Collective India

If you reside in Canada you’ll be able to donate to Jesus Collective via PayPal. If you reside in the U.S. you’ll be able to donate via PayPal to Friends of Jesus Collective Inc.