# Welcoming You

As a relational network, we want to be intentional about celebrating new Partners, including you! We’d like to take time at an upcoming Partner gathering or Partner Hub meeting to welcome you, invite you to share a bit of your story, and pray for you and your ministry. Once you get settled and meet some new faces, we’ll be in touch to figure out a date that works best.

# Partner Covenant

The Partner Covenant represents the relational commitments we’re making to each other as a collective. 

And as a registered charity, we also want and need to lay out some straightforward expectations in the form of our Jesus Collective affiliation policies and affiliation agreement, both of which are linked to on the last page of the Partner Covenant.

We ask that you complete these steps:

  • Click the button below to review the Partner Covenant
  • On the last page of the Partner Covenant, click the link to the Affiliation Agreement. Download the Agreement, complete and sign it (electronically is fine!), and return by email to zulema.​evans@​jesuscollective.​com.

Let’s keep this relational! If you need a hand or have any questions about anything you see in these documents, please just reach out to us so we can talk it through together.

Fun fact: We use the word Partner because it best represents the spirit of us embracing and entering into a shared vision together and how we partner with God in his mission for us as a collective. But just to be clear, we’re not using that term in the legal” sense — that’s why you see the words affiliate” and affiliation” used in the policies and agreement.

# Financial Contributions

Hey, money doesn’t have to be awkward. Consistent with our collective mindset, we think the best way to sustainably fund the work of Jesus Collective, create a sense of shared ownership, and avoid potentially unhealthy power dynamics is for all Partners to make modest contributions to a pool of financial resources that support the network on an ongoing basis.

We want to be clear and flexible when it comes to finances. We’d be happy to chat about the best timing for your Partner financial contributions in light of your budgeting cycle. And we also don’t want finances to be a barrier to relationships with the right Partners, so let’s talk if you have questions.

The Details

  • Individual Partners contribute a minimum annual contribution of $850 CAD (about $650 USD) per year. If you live outside Canada, this amount will be converted to your local currency when you make your contribution.
  • Once you sign and return the Affiliation Agreement (see above), our admin wizard Jenn Kuntz will email with your Partner contribution details and a link to submit your contributions online. 

If you’ve been journeying with Jesus Collective up to this point and would like to offer a voluntary donation for that time period in addition to your Partner contribution you can do that by clicking below. Thank you for supporting the ministry of Jesus Collective! (Tip: Just keep in mind that donations are not the same as Partner contributions — they need to be treated differently for tax purposes). 

# Stuff to look forward to

Partner Hubs

Partner Hubs are the main way we stay connected, build relationships, and share learning among groups of Jesus Collective Partners. Hubs meet monthly and are led by peer Partners who are equipped and supported by Jesus Collective.

You can learn more about Partner Hubs here.

As a new Partner, we would love to get you connected to a Partner Hub that is a good fit for you as soon as we can. We’ll be in touch when there is an opening in one of our existing Hubs or when another Hub starts up. We’re looking to launch more Hubs in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Join the Online Community

Partners can log in to the Jesus Collective online platform to connect together, build a sense of community, and access helpful resources, events, and leadership experiences available to Partners.

This online space is still very new with lots more to come, but we’d love for you to hop on and be a part of it. If you haven’t already, click the link below to create a profile and get started!

Upcoming Events

We’re excited to be creating a number of ways for Partners to belong and engage relationally together. Check out the Partner event listing on the online platform to learn more and register for upcoming events. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming soon. All of these experiences are either complementary or available at a reduced cost for Jesus Collective Partners. You can always reach out to us with questions or for more info.

When possible, Jesus Collective will offer a Partner Rate for events. The code to use is JCPARTNER and is entered at registration checkout.