Jesus Collective creates resources to fuel the Jesus-centred movement and provide vision for a more hopeful and relevant vision of Jesus (or Christianity) in this cultural moment. These resources bring greater attention to this movement within the broader sweep of Christendom and equip Partners and Friends to share resources that can introduce more people to this unfolding movement — of a more hopeful Christian expression centred on Jesus.

Featured Resources

2022 Annual Report: Check out our annual report for a chance to celebrate some highlights from the last year and look to the exciting possibilities ahead.

Sermon Series Guide — 5 Markers of Jesus Centred Transformation: We believe these 5 Markers are relevant resources for navigating the pain points of our cultural moment with a greater relevancy of Jesus. We’ve developed a sermon series guide to use on Sunday mornings, in small groups, or other discipleship conversations. Feel free to access this resource (below) and share them broadly within your networks as a way to amplify the Jesus-Centred movement unfolding in our time. Check out our podcast series Markers for a Jesus-Centred Transformation

Centered-Set Church — Bring the centered approach to your church or community with this five-part video series and discussion guide with author, professor, and ministry veteran Mark Baker. Mark is the author of Centered-Set Church.

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