Theology Rooted in the Radical Reformation
August 4 & 11, 2021

What do we mean by Jesus-centred theology? What are the implications of Jesus-centred theology for our discipleship, spirituality, Scriptural interpretation, leadership, community, and mission in these complex times?

# Sessions

Sessions 1 — 4: Jesus Centred Theology

Story of Radical Reformation Theology and Centred Set Approach to Doctrine with Paul Eddy & Greg Boyd

Paul Eddy explores why theology rooted in the Radical Reformation is uniquely similar to and different from Protestant and Reformed theology and discipleship and how this theology is centred-set and Third Way. Greg Boyd discusses how Woodland Hills Church uses a centred-set approach in their discipleship and structure.

If God Looks Like Jesus, Which Jesus? with Greg Boyd & Hank Johnson

If God looks like Jesus, how can we know we’re proclaiming the Jesus of Christian history informed by Scripture? Greg Boyd unpacks how we can resist the impulse to make Jesus a mirror of our dominant experience and culture, whether conservative, progressive, or other. Hank Johnson discusses how we can resist making Jesus conform to dominant middle-class white culture.

Sessions 5 — 8: Jesus Centred Church 

A Community of Peacemakers with Samuel Sarpiya & David Fitch

Samuel Sarpiya shares the theological basis for Jesus’ call to the church to a mission of non-violent peacemaking and reconciliation, using real life examples of conflict mediation as well as race and class reconciliation within his own church. David Fitch shares personal stories of transformation and reconciliation, illustrating what happens when Christians take seriously Jesus’ call to peace, forgiveness, and enemy love.

A Community of Reconciliation and Simplicity with Hank Johnson & Samuel Sarpiya

Hank Johnson pastors an inner city church in Harrisburg, PA that has spent the last 15 years transforming from a pre-dominantly white church in a multi-cultural neighbourhood to a thriving intercultural expression of the Kingdom of God. He explores how that transformation was only possible through radical sacrifice and mutual submission. Samuel Sarpiya talks about what kind of inner resources are needed for leaders to guide their communities into reconciliation spaces and practices.

The Posture of a Jesus-Centred Church on Mission in Secular and Religious Cultures with David Fitch & Tara Beth Leach

David Fitch offers a simple framework for how Jesus-centred churches can approach culture to both encourage flourishing in the places they are planted and invite people out of the world’s religious and secular narratives to live under Jesus. Tara Beth Leach explores how to lead churches to better engage culture while not being captive to religious or secular ideologies like nationalism, hyper individualism, and consumerism.

# Contributors

# Peace Theology Books

  • Sharon L. Baker Putt — A Nonviolent Theology of Love 

  • Gregory A. Boyd — The Myth of a Christian Nation 

  • Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw — Jesus for President 

  • Matthew Curtis Fleischer — Jesus the Pacifist 

  • Charles E. Moore — Peace Matters

  • Ronald J. Sider — If Jesus Is Lord

  • Ronald J. Sider — Speak Your Peace

  • Preston Sprinkle — Fight

  • Brian Zahnd — A Farewell to Mars

  • Chad Myers — Ambassadors of Reconciliation

  • Arbinger Institute’s Anatomy of Peace and Leadership and Self-Deception

  • Charles Marsh — Beloved Community

  • Vincent Harding — There is a River

  • Alan Kreider — Patient Ferment

  • Donald Dayton — Recovering an Evangelical Heritage