We’re looking for ways to connect with, learn from, and share resources not only with our family of spread out churches, but also with a broader movement of like-minded Jesus-centered churches and ministries. Being a Jesus Collective Partner is a great fit… it helps us resource our churches and develop our leaders in ways that complement what we’re set up to do as part of a denomination. And we get to be part of a wonderful Kingdom community along the way!”

- Christina Bosserman, BIC Great Lakes Conference

# What does Denominational or Network Partnership look like?

  • Exposure to relationships and resourcing from the broader Jesus-centred movement that complement your strengths as a denomination or network
  • Source of relational community and leadership development for your denominational leaders and/​or your affiliated churches
  • No need for your churches to change their denominational or network associations — we are here to support and complement your network, not compete with it
  • We’ll create a plan with you to engage your churches’ leadership teams in Jesus Collective Partner activities as you see fit
  • Enroll multiple of your denominational and/​or church leaders in Partner Hubs that meet monthly
  • Engage like a co-owner of the Collective – affirm the Partner Covenant and speak into the vision and direction of Jesus Collective like all Partners
  • Professional coaching for your leadership team or assign it to specific church leaders within your network
  • Create profiles for your churches and your leadership team on Jesus Collective’s online Partner Platform so they can connect with and learn from others in the network
  • Full subscription to One Story kids and youth curriculum for your churches to use
  • Suggest customized development experiences for your leaders
  • Access to innovation labs and outcome-focused workshops with other Church Partner leadership teams, exclusively for Church and Network Partners
  • Access to the Partner Resource Library featuring resources sourced from the Partner community or created by Jesus Collective: (e.g. training, leadership, spiritual formation, Jesus-centred theology, peace, compassion, etc.) Denominational and Church Partners also receive access to teaching series and other church ministry resources.
  • Post and browse leadership roles and participate in leadership internships with other ministries
  • Training and development available for your leaders to engage in leadership roles within the Jesus Collective community
  • Customized Partner financial contributions suited to your denomination or network’s structure

# Who is Denominational Partnership for?

  • Denominations, conferences, or networks seeking to continue moving towards Jesus-centricity and journey with others doing the same
  • Networks looking to complement their strengths and widen their relationships by partnering with a growing like-minded movement
  • Church plant organizations looking for ongoing support and resourcing for churches post-plant
  • Organizations seeking relationship and affiliation with a diverse but like-minded community
  • Leadership teams who desire to be part of and contribute their gifts and experience to a Jesus-centred movement
  • Denominational or network leadership teams seeking supplemental leadership development and formation you can’t produce on your own
  • Access to resources and community that require no change to your existing affiliations